Don’t worry. Be happy.

Have you ever felt so happy or so lucky that you can’t quite enjoy it for fear it’ll be snatched right out of your hand any second?  That’s kinda how I’ve been lately.  I’m sure I’ve been so annoying.

The last time I remember really feeling this way was right after my son, Ian, was born.  He was perfect.  So sweet and round and best of all, he was a good sleeper!  He was healthy and after working for years with babies and kiddos who had so many difficulties in their tiny lives, I felt so happy and so very lucky to have this little baby who was absolutely fine.  With that “perfectness” though, came a fear.  A fear of “what could happen”.  For months I felt there was something bad about to happen lurking just around the corner.  As weeks and months went on (and Ian developed a mighty will), I began to relax.  To drink in the idea that I was someone’s mom, that my baby might not be truly perfect, but close enough for me, that my life had changed, for the better.  And that I could either live in fear of what might happen (although I was never that “helicopter parent”- or at least I don’t think I was!) OR I could just live and enjoy the moment.  Enjoying the moment has never really come easy for me.  I am a worrier.

Although I know a mother hen never stops worrying about her chick, I’ve relaxed a bit about that.  And then I get a studio.  A STUDIO. A space of my own.  A big, beautiful space.  And the worry creeps back in.  do I deserve this perfect space? Will my new neighbors accept me? Will anyone come in to see this great space?  Will I be able to afford it over time?  Is my work worthy of having my OWN studio?  Will I grow tired of it?  And on and on and on.

I’ve had to remind myself to “just enjoy the moment”.  To bask in the “luckiness” of it all.  To look outside those big windows every day and just be thankful.  Without the worry that often follows. To work hard when I’m there and never take it for granted.  To enjoy the newness rather than fear the worst.  Seriously, what is the worst?  Don’t worry. Be happy.  Yep, my mantra these days.

So now that I’m fully moved in, I thought I’d share some pictures of this lovely space with you.  I do hope you’ll come visit.  I have big windows, coffee, wine, chocolate, and a BATHROOM of my own.  It is perfect.

Call or text or FB message me first, though, so I’ll make sure to be there.

Being happy to see you.

studio pics Oct 15-1

The best purchase I’ve made for my new studio are these IKEA drawer units. They roll and allow me to see a bunch of beads at once.

studio pics Oct 15-2  studio pics Oct 15-4

studio pics Oct 15-5

Here’s that great buffet from the Johnnycake Center that I repainted. A pop of turquoise inside.

studio pics Oct 15-8

A baker’s rack makes a perfect storage place for bead strands and finished pieces.

studio pics Oct 15-12

My mirror. I get so many offers for this at shows. Go see Rudy in Brooklyn, CT.

studio pics Oct 15-13

More JohnnyCake Center finds. Can’t put them out today because of all the work going on out front.

studio pics Oct 15-14

This guy barely fit, the ceiling got scuffed moving it in. But it looks right at home.

studio pics Oct 15-9 studio pics Oct 15-10

I'm hoping to eventually offer some classes and this table will be perfect for small groups.

I’m hoping to eventually offer some classes so I’m gonna have to find some stools for this farm table.

Don’t worry.  Be happy.

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