Lil Rhode Trip

The Enchanted Forest of Rhode Island

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Partly because I just keep forgetting to and partly because my website has been getting a bit of an overhaul (even though no one will notice it!). So forgive me, please. I’ll try to be a little more consistent!

Anyway, today my husband and I decided to go on a short exploratory rhode trip, so we went over to Hope Valley, RI and Hopkinton, RI. I took a few pics along the way.

This “Enchanted Forest” really captured our attention. Apparently it was a small amusement park in the 70s that has fallen into total decay and is currently up for sale and has been for many years, it seems. From what we learned from Google,  it was a totally cheesy, kitchy park complete with Humpty Dumpty on the sign, the Old Woman Who Lived in A Shoe, and bumper cars.  Jeez, I would have loved to have seen it in its heyday. 😉




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