Not very eggcited.

2b4ea61f66a31bb1bc19f7205dd73676I’ve been trying to cut back on gluten and carbs to see if I can reduce inflammation in my foot and wrists/hands.  Its really hard.  I am a gluten lover from waaaay back.  I’ve always been a very moderate person when it comes to food, but I do love my chips and salsa, a gooey chocolate chip cookie (or 4), a toasted whole grain english muffin loaded with peanut butter and homemade raspberry jelly, and you get the idea.  So, in some ways going low carb and gluten free hasn’t been that big of a change.  Lots of protein and veggies, I can do that.  But breakfast has been a huge challenge.  Eggs, eggs, eggs, and when you’re sick of eggs, well, you can have another egg.  Udi’s makes a great gf granola, but its all carbs, so that’s a once a week treat.  Grapefruit has become my go to breakfast, with an egg of course.  I came across this little gem on pinterest and gave it a try.  Its good and its easy.  I like that.

I’ve started a board on my pinterest page here about gluten free eating, but I don’t have many pins on there yet.

Low-Carb-HotcakesThese look delicious.  Made from almond flour and flaxseed.  I think I’ll give them a try.  Could they possibly taste as good as they look???

Baked-Egg-AvocadoI love avocados, but baked?  Hmmm.  I’ll get back to you on that.

So check out my pinterest board: Gluten free for all. You can link to all the recipes there.  And please email me with your own ideas for gluten free breakfasts- with links to recipes, preferably!   I’ve got at least a couple more weeks before I give up on this whole notion!

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