On the move.

Literally.  Since I’ve last posted here, I have been on the move.  Please forgive me for not being a better blogger.  It’s been a whirlwind of a spring, summer, and fall!  All good though.  We sold our house in CT much quicker than we’d hoped which meant a somewhat abrupt pack-up back in May.  Packing up 32 years of memories, flea market finds, hobbies, and personal effects was complicated.  Complicated by not having anywhere to move to with just days left til our closing.  Complicated by trying to figure out what we would need in a house that wasn’t built yet and about half the size of our then house.  Complicated by my disbelief that my life was about to be so completely different.  Complicated by a husband who’d just had rotator cuff surgery.  Very involved rotator cuff surgery.  Complicated by so many memories of so many good times (and some not-so-good times) in that house.  Complicated by questioning our decision to move to another state, not to mention moving to a house with a zillion stairs!  Serendipitously, our friend who owns a condo a half hour from our new house in RI had just listed the condo and was willing to rent to us on a month to month basis.  Not easy finding a short term home near the shore when you have a large dog. We lucked out.  Here’s the view from my parking spot on a foggy morning!


Between going to the studio daily and checking in on house progress, the summer flew by. Soon after we made the first move, my son and his girlfriend of 7 years got engaged, and decided they would have an October wedding.  Looking back, I feel like all of June was spent shopping!  Shopping for wedding weekend clothes, shopping for wedding props, shopping for new house stuff (who knew you “shopped” for shower door handles?), shopping for beads (of course!), and shopping for places to stay on LI while we attended the wedding festivities.

Fast forward to three weeks ago.  We moved in to our new house!  (We’d moved much of our stuff in from the POD about 2 weeks earlier thanks to a forecasted storm surge and our great new neighbors, but then had to move it all out again so the painters, plumbers, electricians, and carpenters could continue working!)  That’s a lot of stair climbing.  We are still settling in.  A box at a time.  Kitchen cabinets not quite finished, fireplace hearth and mantel not done, a bathroom not yet tiled, no landscaping, no kitchen backsplash, and about a thousand other undone little details that are too overwhelming to think about!  But I am so happy!  I feel like I am on vacation every single day.  Here’s the view from the deck at sunset.


About 10 days after we began sleeping at the new house (I still don’t feel “moved in”, so I can’t say that yet!), we joined family and friends, and brand new friends and family on Long Island for an incredible wedding weekend.  Kate, my new DIL, is an interior designer and she put together a GORGEOUS weekend for us all.  It was one of the most memorable weekends of my life.

All dressed up! With my mom and dad, brother, and sister. Can you see those long eyelashes?

All dressed up! With my mom and dad, brother, and sister. Can you see those long eyelashes?

Setting up for the reception.

Setting up for the reception.

I know I'm prejudiced, but is this the cutest couple ever?

I know I’m prejudiced, but is this the cutest couple ever?

Love and laughter. The theme of the weekend.

Love and laughter. The theme of the weekend.

And on a final note.  These two.  Living and loving life as if nothing had happened.  Just as it should be.

I wish this showed Maggie's face. She looked like a high fashion model. Pat was a groomsman.

I wish this showed Maggie’s face. She looked like a high fashion model. Pat was a groomsman and looked so grown up. So fun to see them together all gussied up!

So, lots of changes in my life.  But some things are the same -my delight in being in my studio,  the gratitude I feel when seeing someone wear one of my pieces, the thrill of the hunt for new treasures, my love/hate relationship with fall, my angst and anticipation for holiday shows and the ladeDAH! open studio event, and my excitement at the prospect of seeing you soon and hearing what you’ve been up to.

Love and laughter.  And ladeDAH!

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