Caring for your Jewelry

Caring for your fine silver jewelry:

Caring for your fine silver jewelry is very easy.  The more you wear it, the less you will need to clean it, but when you do need to shine it up a bit you can try one of the following options:

– hold your piece of jewelry under warm running water and add a tiny bit of mild dish soap to your fingers.  Rub the piece gently with your fingers or a soft bristled toothbrush until you see it begin to shine.  Rinse and dry and enjoy the new shine!

– in an aluminum pan (this is critical, so don’t try to get away with plastic or glass- HAS to be ALUMINUM) mix equal parts of baking powder and salt (I usually use about a tablespoon of each).  Add boiling water and swish your ALL FINE SILVER (no pearls, no stones, no glass, no nothing except fine silver!) briefly.  Take it out promptly and rinse under warm water.  Repeat until you see the results you are looking for.  Be sure to rinse your jewelry off really well as any remaining salt could eat away the silver.  Dry and GO!