twenty fourteen

Happy New Year!  I’m not sure where my days go, but I’ve been meaning to post since before Christmas, I really have.  It seems that I get so jacked up over the first few weeks of December with shows and shopping and baking and partying (!), that once Christmas comes and goes, I need about a month to recover!  In addition to recovering, I’ve been spending some time with friends and family and just doing regular stuff, like starting to paint our poor little beach bungalow that was flooded by Sandy.  Its the tiniest little house which makes it a much less daunting task than it would be if it were a “real” house.  Not to mention that it is ALL the SAME COLOR.  White.  Its supposed to be white, its a beach house, right?  Last weekend was the beginning of the painting project and since the electricity hasn’t been fully re-installed (do you install electricity? no, but I can’t think of how to say it), we painted on Saturday til it began to get dark, but Sunday was a dark and dreary day (like seems to be the weather theme of the new year), so the painting was slow and had many stops and starts.  Our friend and neighbor helped us install (right word, this time) the new tub which is deep and nice and perfect for soaking off a day of sand from our someday grandchildren.  Its so good to see the little house slowly returning to its beach house self.  The dog even seems to relax better there.  IMG_2706IMG_2707 IMG_2708Another little project that I’m working on is learning to use my NEW CAMERA!  In addition to the camera, Santa brought me some very fancy lighting that if I ever learn to use it, will be very helpful in photographing jewelry.  I’ve got a soft box, a grip head, an extension arm, a booster extension cable, and a bunch of other stuff I know nothing about. Sooo, if anyone nearby is interested in free steakhouse or Mexican food or some lovely jewelry,  I could certainly use a few lessons in apertures and soft boxes and grip heads…you’ll be looking fine and eating well.  Call me. Soon.  I’ve had a very frustrating day.

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