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Fresh Off The Press

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

New styles you are sure to love.

I’ve got a few new favorites to share with you…

Amazonite Earrings

These earrings scream summer to me.  Or Firefly, or Newport Jazz Festival, or Tanglewood.  Casual, festival-ish, summer.

On the other hand, they’d be pretty cute with a black cowl neck, cords,  and cowboy boots in the fall.

Deerskin leather with pyrite and Peruvian Opal.

This photo doesn’t do this necklace justice, but it is so easy and yet so special.  Adjustable- it can be a choker, long necklace, or a bracelet.  This has been my go-to necklace this spring and I know I’ll be wearing it all summer as its lightweight and goes with everything I own!  Cowgirl glam at its finest.  Great for travel too as its so versatile.

Peruvian Opal and Pyrite with Deerskin as a bracelet

Gorgeous, Variegated Peruvian Opal

I’ve also made these with pearls, moonstone, turquoise, and carnelian stones in place of the opals.  These will be in my etsy store soon, so stop by and give ’em a look.

Oh, and of course they will be traveling with me to shows this summer.  Next up:  Old Saybrook, a show with many unique and talented artists.

 I hope I see you there!


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