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Welcome to the Sunflower Studio!

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

“ I am beside myself with excitement.  I HAVE A STUDIO.  That’s not in the basement.  Whaaaattt????”

It’s beautiful and perfect in every way.  Downtown Westerly, just across from the train station and one of my all time favorite stores, Christina’s.  There’s at least 5 good restaurants within a block, and a book store and coffee shop is going in two doors down.  Pinch me.  Loads of windows.  On the second floor with great views everywhere, the best neighbor, and MY OWN BATHROOM.

So with that brief introduction to Sunflower Studio…here’s a little photo journey of the progress I’m making to get it visitor ready.

My new address is 10 Canal St.  Westerly, RI.  I hope you’ll come and visit soon, but for now, be sure you call first so that I’m sure to be there!


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